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VERITAS - Threads of Fatality


2 January 2021


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Band: Veritas

Title: Threads of Fatality

Label: Veritas Rocks Llc

Release Date: 28 August 2020







1. Prelude to the Sacrament
2. Frail
3. Love and Burn
4. Far Away
5. Morbid Stale
6. Fates Warning
7. Say Goodbye
8. Moments of the Day
9. Starlight
10. Eyes of the Blind
11. Dying to Live
12. Sludge
13. Masquerade
14. If It’s Over



Denny “The Siren” Anthony – Vocals (lead)
Greg Wenk – Guitars
Geno Alberico – Bass
Mark Zonder – Drums




Mark Zonder, already drummer of many bands including, Fates Warning, Warlord, Elegacy, to name a few, and participant of solo projects (Joachim Cans of HammerFall, and Jim Matheos of Fates Warning, offers us Threads Of Fatality of his band Veritas.

Formed in 2012 with a self-titled EP released, they arrive in 2020 with Threads of Fatality with an epic and American power flavor.

Short and punchy songs with a prog influence, as in Sludge, Love and Burn and Say Goodbye.

Threads Of Fatality is a well played and interesting album, much more appreciable in the songs where the aggressiveness is the strong point and where the band has its own personality, nothing to say against the prog style even though it's not really a genre I prefer, but there are similarities, too many, with the musicality of Queensryche for example, which leave a bit 'stunned.

“Prelude To The Sacrament” is an extremely slow start with prog elements, a song that doesn't really give an insight into what the album is actually about, while the following "Frail" is different with a series of elements ranging from the very technical guitar and a rhythmic line of impact.

“Say Goodbye” is a very good piece with a hooking intro and in general an interesting track, I won't say of the entire album but nearly so.

Good also “Sludge” and “Eyes Of The Blind” for its guitar riffs, very hooked.

“Threads of Fatality” is a good album in general with a brilliant vocalism and excellent musicians and a accurate production yet it lacks something incisive, despite remarkable passages and virtuosity, it is as if it lacks a distinct and personal mark



Valeria Campagnale.



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