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Let's save what can be saved of this 2020 and obviously the only thing saved is the music. 

Maybe in this year of imprisonment we have all understood how important music is and so I repeat myself for the umpteenth time, do not use pirate links, do not listen exclusively online to the songs you like, support musicians by buying albums and their merchandise. 


The 5 best albums of this year. 


Definitely one of my favorite bands ever, KAT celebrating 40 years of activity give us an album that collects the various musical nuances between their own songs and covers. Too easy to prepare a Greatest Hits, the band led by Piotr Luczyk has done more, 

"The Last Convoy" includes songs from different periods in new or changed versions,  discovering KAT tribute to their idols as well.


Hard & Heavy Italian icon par excellence, the return of Pino Scotto that with "Dog Eat Dog" demonstrates again (if he needs further demonstration) his propensity for blues and hard rock with his adrenaline verve that unfolds between melodies, heavier sounds and the traditional artistic vitality that distinguishes him. I always called him a 'lion' and in "Dog Eat Dog" his roar of freedom is always alive.


Ace Frehley could not miss it, welcome return for those who like me loved Kiss in the period when Ace was part of it.

"Origins Vol. 2" is an album in which we discover the musical roots of a musician who has influenced entire generations of guitarists.


“Shapelifting” title chosen not by chance because in this album Satriani touches various genres and then a continuous mutation.

Joe Satriani's seventeenth solo album has a vintage, lighter sound than his other works, but his technique and charm remain firmly in evidence.


I've always thought of NIN as an avant-garde band ever since "Pretty Hate Machine" and I continue to be convinced.
A meaty collection of pieces from the original work ("Ghost I-IV" 2008). "Together" and "Locusts" are in stark contrast to each other, visionary in Brian Eno style the first, raw and disturbed the second in perfect industrial tradition. ​

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