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2 February 2021

Review, Legado De Una Tragedia, new album, Britania, Art Gates Records, ocker And Other Animals, rock opera

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Rockers And Other Animals® is a registered trademark

Band: Legado De Una Tragedia

Title: Britania

Label: Art Gates Records

Release date: January 29th 2021






1. La Tierra de los Druidas
2. Britania
3. El Llanto de los Ancestros
4. Ave Roma
5. Las Cenizas de la Memoria
6. Land of the Druids
7. Britannia
8. Cry of the Ancestors
9. Ave Roma
10. Memory Ashes
11. La Tierra de los Druidas (Instrumental)

12. Britania (Instrumental)
13. El Llanto de los Ancestros (Instrumental)

14. Ave Roma (Instrumental)
15. Las Cenizas de la Memoria (Instrumental)

16. Britannia (Demo Version)




Joaquín Padilla - vocals 
Manuel Ramil - keyboards
Nem Sebastián - whistle


After releasing the interestin trilogy based on Edgar Allan Poe’s life (“Legado de una Tragedia – Edgar Allan Poe. Opera Rock" (2008), "Legado de una Tragedia II" (2014), "Legado de Una Tragedia III" (2016))  and a latest release entitled "El Secreto de los Templarios" (2018), with collaborations such as members of very well known acts like Mago de Oz, Warcry, Saratoga, Obus, also Ronnie Romero (Rainbow), Isra Ramos (Avalanch), Thomas Vikstrom (Therion) or Baol Bardot Bulsara (TNT).

The Spanish vocalist, composer and producer Joaquin Padilla he's ready for the new work “Britana”, which has released on January 29th.

Many  collaborations in “Britania”, as in the vocals for the characters parts as in the instruments sections, guests such  as Manuel Ramil (Avalanch, Adventus), Tete Novoa (Saratoga), Isra Ramos (Avalanch) or Chus Herranz. Fifteen tracks for three different parts fo a total of five tracks, five songs in Spanish, the same songs in English and the same  tracks in instrumental versions.

The first track “La Tierra de los Druidas” is an introduction to this symphonic rock work.

"Britania" is one of  two masterpieces of this work, great orchestration and epic melodies with brilliant choruses. Great also the backing vocals with give a huge strength to the piece. Rock and symphony meets in an enchanting composition.

Ambient sounds for the following  "La Tierra de los Druidas" while “Ave Roma” starts rain and footsteps sounds, I guess of a Roman legionaries which  introduce us into a battle with the sound of swords, the narration of this battle is accompanied by a beautiful orchestration.

Second masterpiece in its gloomy and dark notes is "El llanto de los ancestros”, supeber quality music alongside to good harsh vocals, absolutely great performance.

"Las cenizas de la memoria" closes this work in a melancholy way, a brief track that perhaps contains the essence of the whole work.

A must have for discerning tastes, for lovers of rich atmospheric sounds and pathos.



Valeria Campagnale



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