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16 FEBRUARY 2021

Insania11, Death Metal, L'Orrore, 2019, orrore, heavy metal, horror, review, recensione, ep, rockers and other animals, valeria campagnale

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Rockers And Other Animals® is a registered trademark

Band:  Insania 11
Title: L'Orrore
Genre: Death Metal
Release date: 2019






Il Divoratore Di Mondi

Madre Dolorosa

Nella Fossa


Il Bosco

La Legge Di Dahmer (La Marcia Del Golem)



Samaang – Voice, Guitar
Ethrum – Guitar


We met Insania.11 with the EP "Di Sangue E Di Luce" (2016-2017), Italian duo

Death Metal, Samaang on guitars, bass, vocals and drum programming and Etrum on guitar, proposes a technical death metal but not only.

Now we continue to explore a darker way and discourse that is well suited to that spontaneous theatricality in "L'orrore" released in 2019 by MASD Records.

"L'orrore" travels hand in hand with classic horror films, to the horror of human existence, taking up the enigmatic and mysterious atmospheres.

Insania.11, as I had the chance to write, shine for their technique and also in this work, as in the first EP, the technical skill excels in "L'Orrore", with six tracks structured in such a way that the rhythm supports the singing that varies between anger and clean.

"Il Divoratore Di Mondi" is a track where riffs and blast beats hold up the drum machine in a pressing way with an evocative vocal.

More creative and with a markedly Death Metal matrix is "Madre Dolorosa", visceral and evil, one of the various shades of Insania.11.

A quiet intro for the next and more refined "Nella Fossa", obviously the rhythm evolves into a tighter one creating a dark and harsh atmosphere.

The next track, "Inverno", takes the doom route in a dramatic and classic way of the genre. A standout track with its own for power intertwined with a more moderate sound.

Again, rhythmic power and brutal vitality in the song "Bosco", which blends with the finale "La Legge di Dahmer". The closing with this track catapults us into what is lesser itself is Insania.11, unleashing the articulated compositionality both on a rhythmic and technical level.

"L'Orrore" is almost the continuation of the previous EP "Di Sangue E Di Luce" in which, however, the duo evolves musically with a more marked and theatrical approach, succeeding in being interesting both for the musically enigmatic proposal and for a musicality of an intimate nature.


Valeria Campagnale


16 FEBRUARY 2021


Band:  Insania 11
Title: Di Sangue E Di Luce
Genre: Death Metal
Release date: 14 September 2016






1. Uroboros
2. Metamorfosi
3. Nosferat (Aspettando L’Alba)
4. I Morti
5. B Naural (I Figli Del Quinto Sole)



Samaang – Voice, Guitar
Ethrum – Guitar


"Di Sangue E Di Luce" is a proposal beyond the usual schemes, extreme metal for the debut of the Italian duo Insania 11. The duo, formed by Samaang on vocals and guitar, and Ethrum on guitar.
Insania 11 was born from the ashes of Insania, a Trash(Core) Metal band dating back to 1989 and lasted for about ten years, with the demo "Genesi" dated 1994 to leave us a testimony. 
This was followed by a solo project by Samaang with the EP "I Diari Di Samaang: L'ostato Larvale" published in 2010 in a 'symbolic' edition; 
The following year, after the unsuccessful attempt to reunite the line-up that recorded "Genesis", Samaang and Ethrum recorded and self-produced this work entitled "Di Sangue E Di Luce".
Five violent tracks markedly Death and technical Thrash with industrial imprints for a sound decidedly different from the usual canons of the genre, evolving into a futuristic sound.
"Di Sangue E Di Luce" is a concept EP which tells about, his evolution transcending his own being. 
The vocals, mostly in Italian, put Samaang to the test with the growl, which perfectly complements the structure of the pieces, flanking both electronic sounds and more purely metal moments, in the most classic sense of the term. The lyrics range between deep thoughts and poetry.
Listening to Insania.11's work for the first time, it reminded me of two science fiction films, Paolo Heusch's "
La morte viene dallo spazio" (1958) and Gianni Pacinotti's "L'ultimo terrestre" (2011), in a more brutal version, a cinematic time-space that made me have a precise image of the duo.
Modern Death Metal that involves us since the opener "Uroboros" with external, distorted, sharp and breathless guitars. The same atmosphere continues with "Metamorfosi" and "Nosferat (Aspettando L'Alba)" which is the song that has managed to involve me the most.
Same oppressive sound in "I Morti", no solos in any song, 'only' powerful and crushing riffs.
Insania.11 surprises us with "B Naural (I Figli Del Quinto Sole)" in which we find an acoustic intro, a softer sound but with oppressive drums in its persistent progression.

An intense EP, out of the ordinary, projected towards the future and I would add courageous precisely because it is new in its being.

Review of new album “L’Orrore” coming soon!

Valeria Campagnale


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