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Hi “HELL-BORN” welcome on Rockers And Other Animals pages. First of all, would you present yourself to our readers?


Well, in case anyone doesn’t know who we are… We are the people involved in the formation and actions of BEHEMOTH and DAMNATION. I started HELL-BORN with Les back in ‘95, pretty much in the same moment I was leaving BEHEMOTH.


Our project released one mini album as a duo, and came back after a couple of years initially as a trio, with me on drums and vox, Les on lead guitars and Jeff on bass/guitar and back vox. That’s how “Hellblast” was written and recorded. Starting to be active as a regular band required getting a drummer, with me moving to bass and main vox, and Jeff switching to guitar only.


The four-piece line up remained active ‘til 2009, releasing 4 full-length albums (“Darkness” marking the end of that period of the band’s activity). We decided to start working on new songs in 2019, with Diabolizer (THRONEUM, MOLOCH LETALIS, etc.) on drums, me and Les as basic / writing members and Jeff as a session live guitarrist.


What can you tell us about your LP “Natas liah”?


As I’ve already posted through our social media – it’s absolutely the best material we’ve put together so far. I don’t like to talk about my own music that much, leaving the listener all the space to create a personal opinion.


Can you explain how a “HELL-BORN”'s song takes form?


We’ve been writing music in the same fassion from the very beginning. Whoever wrote a song (starting from guitar parts) presented the work to the rest of the band, and everyone else started to work on his own parts. With “NATAS LIAH” it was the same, having Les responsible for all the riffs and composition. Diabolizer arranged all the drum parts, I wrote the bass lines and all the lyrics. It’s a band, a cooperation, and that’s how it works best in my opinion.




Where you take ispiration for the texts in your songs?


The whole album concept always comes first. Even with single songs, like “Soulrape” for example (the first song to be written since the release of “Darkness”), which became part of the whole concept binding the “Hellbound Hearts” split with the Silesian death metal maniacs – OFFENCE. The integrity of the lyrical side of an album is a must to mee. Even if I touch different stories, different mythos, whatever – there must be a “core” so to speak, keeping the global idea behind the lyrics as much coherent as possible.


In a balance between arrangement, lyrics and melody, which is most important to you?


It’s a whole. It’s one thing. Unless you are an instrumental band – each component is essential to the final “shape” the band’s work takes.


If you had to describe what you want to convey with your album to a listener, what would it be? And what would you say is the message of your music?


The main purpose of music is to trigger emotions. Of different kind. I like the music being energetic, with a lot of atmosphere to it, giving you goosebumps so to speak. Technical prowess is quite of an importance of course. That doesn’t mean you gotta be the fastest, the most skilled musician in the world. It’s all about the compositions and harmonies. Simple music can be absolutely awesome when it’s composed the right way. I hate the bass lines going unisono with the guitars. It’s so primitive. It indicates you’re unable to create harmonies, that basicaly means you are unable to create music. The lyrical part needs to resonate with the music. No matter what your message is. My message is to get people to think. To develop. To become better. That’s all.


What are the differences about your last release and “Natas liah”?


First of all, we’ve recorded the album in a much less renowned studio this time, giving a team of young, very talented people a shot to compete against the sound we got from one of the best studios in Europe. And they’ve delivered. When it comes to music itself, “NATAS LIAH” has a much more coherent atmosphere, even though the songs are suprisingly varied. Youl’ll get a touch of different, extreme metal styles, with a lot of tempo changes, lot of melodies and harmonies, mixed with a dark, diabolical brutality, typical for our band’s work.


What are your music influences?


Lot of different things, man. I listen to many different music styles, different artists and bands. I’m very open-minded when it comes to music. So is Les. Of course the main core that presents itself through our music is classic, oldschool death / thrash metal of the 80’s and 90’s.


How is changed “HELL-BORN”'s music during these years?


It evolved. Got more mature. We’ve stripped our creative process of any sort of “competition” son to speak. We don’t try to prove anything to anyone. Just doin’ the stuff we want the way we want.


What do you thing about Satanism?


I think it’s misunderstood, misused, and treated as a gimmick to attract young people. To me it’s personal. I don’t “practice” so to speak, because I consider Satanism being more of a philosophical system, than a religion. To name it an anti-religion would be more adequate by the way. And that’s how I could describe myself best. I’m a very anti-religious person.


Describe your music using three words




Thanks for your time, now you have space to tell everything you want to our readers. Go!


Thanx for the intie, mate. I hope it’s gonna bring some attention from your readers towards our upcoming album. It’s really worth it! 666


Mauro Spadoni



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