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21 January 2021


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Artist: Hell-Born

Title: Natas Liah
Genre: Death Metal, Black Metal, Thrash Metal

Label: Odium Records

Release date: 18 January 2021


When You Are God

Axis Of Decay

Ye Olde Woods Devil

Uroboros (ft. Jacek Langowski of Holy Smoke)

The Butcher (ft. Jacek ‘Jeff’ Kubiak of Damnation)

Son of Earth

In God’s Death


Blakk Metal (ft. Adam ‘Nergal’ Darski of Behemoth)



Baal Ravenlock – Bass/Vocals

Les - Guitars

Diabolizer - Drums






The Polish  Black Death Metal trio Hell-Born (already interviewed) took 13 years to release the new  6th album “Natas Liah”, released via Odium Records.

The band, formed in 1996 by ex-Behemoth members Baal Ravenlock and Les, is back with a stronger album, Natas Liah” is in fact, a complete work that contains excellent tracks.

“Natas Liah” is a deep darkened album and it couldn't be any other way, this record consolidates the the basic principle of the trio from which it has never strayed and the determination of artistic coherence, which nowadays groups abandon for other more mainstream styles.

The album starts with the devastating “When You Are God”, a real solid piece in which Hell-Born

reveals the band’s skills and the deepest roots into spectral and gloomy atmospheres, solid drumming and good bass lines accompanied by strong guitar riffs made this song one of the highlight of the album showing the essence and the nature of the band.

No less is the following “Axis Of Decay”, filled with darkness and impressive guitar sound, same for “Ye Olde Woods Devil” in which Hell-Born expresses his anger and speeds in the execution of a piece with a good structure.

“Uroboros” sees  the great guitar solo by Jacek Langowski (Holy Smoke), obviously it is not the presence of Jacek that makes this track a success, it is the structure itself that consolidates the success of the piece.

Another guest on this album is  Jacek ‘Jeff’ Kubiak (Damnation) and we can hear his work in “The Butcher”, definitely impressive piece in which heavy and speed are intertwined to great effect, providing a remarkable atmosphere.

“Son of Earth” is another very marked piece of “Natas Liah”, so solid and aggressive, lovers of black and death metal will know how to savour and appreciate it in full for the strong and massive rhythm.

“In God’s Death” is the track that manages to impress me the most, despite the fact that this album contains some real gems, I just like the sound of the bass and the rhythmic cadence, Baal and Diabolizer made such a brilliant work, same for the second-to-last track on the album “Soulrape” but it’s with the very notable “Blakk Metal” that sees Adam ‘Nergal’ Darski of Behemoth, brilliant piece.

Impressive and aggressive guitars, brilliant way to keep the listen active and a good return for this band.



Valeria Campagnale

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